Water As Life-Giving Force and Healer

Dearest Water, you are a goddess, life giving and nurturing. Our bodies cannot survive without you. You quench our thirst when we are parched. You cleanse our internal systems when we imbibe you, and our bodies when we bathe. You offer nurturance with the soothing song of your flow. You magically offer warmth to us when it’s cold and cool us on hot days. Water goddess, we love you.

How much do we appreciate our water? Many times a day our lives are affected by water, though we might not think about it. When access to our water is as simple as the turn of a faucet it can also be just as easy to take it for granted. We make tea and coffee. We bathe. We wash our hands, water our gardens, wash our cars, dishes and clothes. But how often do we actually stop to appreciate and bring awareness to this precious life-sustaining resource?

The Native Americans have long considered water to be the lifeblood of the Earth. Nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered and human bodies are made up of approximately 60% water.

We all have the ability to connect more deeply with our water, and even boost her with positive or negative energy. This connection can become a channel of high vibrational frequency that has the power to heal.

A Deeper Look: Finding more reverence for water.

 Water takes care of us in a myriad ways. Water is a feminine element, intuitive and receptive. She absorbs the energies that surround her, and carries that energy with her wherever she goes, influencing all she comes in contact with. A deeper relationship with water has the power to transform your life for the better and help heal the disconnection that ails our planet, Mother Earth.

  1. Heighten your awareness. Simply by becoming more aware of water is the first step to developing more reverence for water. An unfolding curiosity follows. Allow your renewed fascination to lead your engagement with her. As with all aspects of life, the more you are able to engage, the deeper your connection will be.
  1. Try talking to a glass of water every day!

Each morning I wake up, walk to the kitchen, fill my glass with water and talk to it. I put my lips to the rim of the glass so that my breath touches the water’s surface and the vibration of my voice moves through the water. I visualize the water as clean, clear and healthy, and I expand my heart as I say and feel the word “love” nine times:

I love you. I love you. I love you.

I love, love, love you.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Then I drink in the love water to become it. I close my eyes and feel it moving through my system, touching and revitalizing every cell in my body, from head to toe. The more I visualize what my intentions are, the more potent the medicine.

How might your life change if you were to try this every day? Do you have children, pets or plants? Imagine if you infused their water with love and gratitude before they imbibed it. What if you sent good vibes to your pot of tea or your tub of water?

And just imagine the water that you influence –consciously or unconsciously, positively or negatively– will eventually evaporate and carry your own loving energies around the world on a journey through the atmosphere of humidity, clouds, wind, rain, and snow.

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